Our initiatives to move children beyond vulnerability

We have currently paused rolling out initiatives in this part of our Plan while we reform the SFA and write our new Plan for children aged 0 - 18. Our aspiration is to use our planned shared measurement system, in conjunction with our new Plan, to more effectively reach and support children and young people who development is at risk due to vulnerability factors in their lives, family or community. 

We are continuing to offer a professional development program in this area to the SFA services. 


Engaging vulnerable families

Did you know that families most in need of services and support are least likely to access services?

You can help families access your service by:

1. Creating high quality carer and service provider relationships

2. Using genuine shared decision making with carers

3. Affirming and appreciating the carer's culture  

4. Creating non-stigmatising settings and interventions

5. Addressing the practical issues carers face using your service

6. Provide crisis help first ... families need their basic needs met first.