Child-Friendly Communities

Our vision is that all members of the community understand the different ways they can support children to reach their full potential. A child friendly community is a community that benefits everyone. This is because child friendly community initiatives impact positively on child development and adult health and vitality.

Urban spaces, services and recreation programs that have been designed in response to what children say they want best meet the needs of children.  Universally children tell us they want to go to places where they can play and have fun. Play is a biological urge for children – play drives children’s learning and development. A community that responds to children’s need for play also supports parents and carers because they feel welcome.

Communities that promote physical activity, healthy food choices and literacy also support children’s development and adult wellbeing. Because our children grow up in the Blue Mountains National Park they all have access to pristine play environments - wide open grassy spaces, rocks and streams, trees to climb and bush trails to explore.

The Child and Family Plan provides a common focus for everyone to create a child-friendly city where:

  • Learning is supported and valued from birth
  • The community supports children and their families
  • The built environment and public spaces are child and family friendly

Download Child and Family Plan: Part C: Creating a Child-Friendly Community

The Paint the Blue Read Program provides a community-based early literacy program so that children begin school ready to learn to read. The program brings fun and colourful reading events to local businesses, festivals, market days, schools and early childhood services.