Moving Children Beyond Vulnerability

Our vision is that children are nurtured within strong and resilient families and communities that are able to keep their children safe and well.

Abuse and neglect are particularly damaging for children. Children’s rapidly developing brains depend on loving family and community relationships to thrieve.

Reducing family and community stress, increasing resilience and ensuring children’s right to safety and protection are all- important to make children less vulnerable.

The Alliance is creating a strengths-based service network culture. Respectful partnerships with families provide a foundation to grow families’ parenting skills and community connections.

This involves adult-targeted services (drug and alcohol, mental illness, material assistance and domestic violence) considering the needs of clients’ children and everyone encouraging the development of child friendly communities

The Child and Family Plan provides universal and targeted services an evidence-based road map to:

  • Connect vulnerable children and their families to the community
  • Support families to promote the safety and wellbeing of their children
  • Respond immediately to what families experiencing stress say they need
  • Coordinate the targeted and universal service systems

Download Child and Family Plan: Part B: Moving children beyond vulnerability

The Blue Mountains Consortium Program is a leader in providing support to families. The group of six early childhood and family support services has developed a collaborative case management system which delivers multi-service, multi-disciplinary support to vulnerable children and their families.


Resilience in Children

Help a child develop resilience by promoting the following factors.

Do children:

  • Have someone who loves them unconditionally?
  • Have an older person outside the home they can confide in?
  • Receive praise for doing things on their own?
  • Know someone they want to be like?
  • Try new things?
  • Like to achieve?
  • Feel that what they do makes a difference?
  • Like themselves?
  • Focus on tasks?
  • Have a sense of humour?
  • Make plans to do things?