Blue Mountains Consortium

The Blue Mountains Consortium (BMC) is a group of organisations committed to providing the best possible support for children and families in the Blue Mountains, particularly those that are considered vulnerable because of their circumstances. BMC currently delivers the Department of Family and Community Services' Brighter Futures Program in the Blue Mountains, in partnership with Wesley Mission. 

The following organisations belong to the Blue Mountains Consortium and in collaboration deliver the following components of the Brighter Futures Program:

  • Connect Child and Family Services (Lead Agency) - Early Childhood Advocacy, administration and contractual responsibility
  • Blue Mountains Family Support Service - Case work
  • Gateway Family Support Service - Case work and parent group work
  • Mountains Outreach Community Service - Case work
  • Katoomba Children's Cottage - represents children’s services across the LGA
  • Blue Mountains City Council - neutral facilitation as necessary

 Organisations that make up the BMC work within a strengths-based, relational framework that focuses on the intersection of significant relationships, to promote the wellbeing of children and their families. They have developed a collaborative approach to case management that is used in their work with each other and across the broader service sector. BMC members' practice is  also underpinned by the belief that children's wellbeing and that of their families, is supported by strong connections to their community.

Contact: Connect Child and Family Services, (02) 4758-9966