Our Members

The Stronger Families Alliance is an open network which always welcomes new members. Our members sit on the Alliance’s main group or six sub-groups. Members sitting on the main group represent either their organisation or a network belonging to the Alliance. Many other services are involved in activities and programs that our members have created to implement the Child and Family Plan. 

Our network is powered by 'discretionary energy'. We are like-minded professionals willing to go beyond our job descriptions to find new ways to create a resilient and supportive Blue Mountains community for children. 

Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre (representing Blue Mountains Neighbourhood Centres)

Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise

Blue Mountains Family Support

Blue Mountains Child and Family Forum (Represented by Katoomba Children’s Cottage and Mountains Outreach Community Service)

Blue Mountains City Council: Roads and Transport, City Planning, Community Outcomes, Library and Environment Teams 

Blue Mountains Coalition Against Violence and Neglect (Represented by the Wimlah Specialist Domestic Violence Service) 

Blue Mountains Inter-agency (Represented by Mountains Community Resource Network)

Blue Mountains Out of School Hours Network (Represented by Noiseworks OOSH)

Blue Mountains Primary Schools (Represented by Blackheath Public School)

Blue Mountains Secondary Schools (Represented by the District Guidance Team)


Child and Youth Mental Health Service

Children of Parents with Mental Illness Program (COPMI)

Community and Early Years, Families NSW, Dept of Family and Community Services

Counselling & Early Childhood Nursing Teams, Community Health Service, Nepean Health Service

Early Childhood Intervention and Coordination Program(Represented by Connect Child and Family Services)

Family Support Services(Represented by Gateway Family Services)

Katoomba Chamber of Commerce

Katoomba Hospital - Child and Adolescent Development Unit

Katoomba Mental Health Coordinated Care Team, Sydney West Area Health Service

Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre

Mountains Youth Services Team

National Parks and Wildlife Service

Nepean Blue Mountains Family and Community Services

Uniting Care


Wimlah Specialist Domestic Violence Service




Find out about joining the Alliance

For information about the different ways to become involved in the Stronger Families Alliance main group, sub-groups or activities contact the Stronger Families Alliance Collaboration Convener.