Our Structure

The Stronger Families Alliance brings together active residents and organisations that care deeply about the health and wellbeing of children and their families. We represent all three levels of government, business networks, child and family organisations, the community and university sectors. Ultimately, we aspire to involve every Blue Mountains child and family organisation who contributes to child, family and community resilience and wellbeing.

The structure of the Alliance network is changed regularly to accomodate growth of the network and changes required to make us more effective in implementing the Child and Family Plan.

Our members attend the main group meetings or sit on one of six sub-groups that govern the Alliance and expand its programs. An even wider group of organisations contributes to programs aligned with the Alliance including the School Centred Hubs program, the Blue Mountains Consortium and Paint the Blue Read.


Stronger Families Alliance structure

Stronger Family Alliance structure

Download 2010 SFA Structure