Corona: Why the AstraZeneca drama also has something good

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it was once again, one might think, a week to forget. As if it wasn’t enough that we were at the bottom when it came to vaccination, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine at the beginning of the week. On the recommendation of the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI). Because of six women who had sinus vein thrombosis after the vaccination. One man was diagnosed with cerebral haemorrhage. More cases are now known.

Perhaps one should not evaluate it like the “Bild” newspaper, which asked who actually knew the PEI, whether the everyday lives of “millions of people” should depend on this authority, whether politicians should not ultimately have to make their own decisions instead to listen to people whose world is “the microscope”. But of course one can wonder whether this decision was proportionate given that we are in the middle of the third wave.

Now, since yesterday there was a decision to further contaminate AstraZeneca, so we have de facto lost four days, but you can look at it differently.

Of course, the vaccine, which is not particularly popular anyway, suffered further damage to its image in the past week. But: What would have happened if, despite the reports (because they were in the world) about thromboses in connection with the vaccine, they simply continued to vaccinate? Presumably, all those people who are skeptical of the vaccines with the accelerated approval process would have felt confirmed.

Perhaps this would have caused much more damage to the vaccination campaign than the loss of four days.

Even if it seems tedious at times, it is right not to take short cuts when it comes to these things. But to keep the cool eye of science, to use the procedures that have been established for precisely these cases.

Because at the end of these four days there is also a real profit: In future, the risk of sinus vein thrombosis will be explicitly pointed out in the package leaflet of the medication. People who receive the AstraZeneca vaccination will be made aware of the symptoms of this possible side effect. You can spot them and be treated so early. And that also saves lives.

“(Sch) inpf und Schande – The new German incompetence” is the title of the new SPIEGEL. You will receive the output now digital and from Saturday at the kiosk.

Everything you need to know about the AstraZeneca vaccine

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Covid-19 in worldwide numbers

  • Confirmed Cases: 121,882,440
  • Deaths: 2,692,806
  • Recovered from the disease: 69,033,271
  • Germany: 2,629,750 confirmed sick people, 74,358 deaths

    Sources: CSSE / Johns Hopkins University, as of March 19, 2021, 11:26 am; Robert Koch Institute, as of March 19, 2021, 9:06 a.m.

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Half-full glass from the department

Contraception campaign postponed due to Corona: goats reproduce like rabbits
Numerous cashmere goats roam the Welsh seaside resort of Llandudno, causing a sensation. Soon there will probably be more of the enterprising animals.

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