RKI: Corona numbers - 17,482 new infections in Germany, seven-day incidence increases to 95.6

The numbers continue to rise: The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported on Friday morning an increase in the nationwide seven-day incidence of 5.6 compared to the previous day – there has not been such a rapid increase for a long time.

On Thursday, the number of new infections reported throughout Germany within seven days per 100,000 inhabitants was 90, on Wednesday it was 86.2. A value of more than 95 was last reported at the end of January (98.1 on January 28). After that, the incidence had continued to decline for some time, reaching a low of 56.8 on February 19. Since then, the value has noticeably increased again.

The fact that the new corona wave is building up is also clear from the new infections recorded. The health authorities in Germany reported 17,482 new corona infections within one day – about 5000 more than a week ago. There were also values ​​of around 17,500 in the daily reported new infections last in January.

“This increase in the number of cases is real,” said RKI Vice President Lars Schaade in Berlin. “According to our data, it cannot be explained by the fact that more rapid tests are being carried out,” emphasized Schaade.

Lauterbach and Spahn call for further lockdown

The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has spoken out in favor of tightening the corona measures again quickly. He spoke of the beginning of a “brilliant third wave”. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) has also agreed that the third corona wave in Germany cannot be stopped by vaccinations.

The current number of deaths within the past 24 hours was 226 on Friday morning. Exactly one week ago, the RKI had recorded 12,834 new infections and 252 new deaths within one day. This shows a clear difference to January, when the number of newly recorded deaths was often around 900 or even 1000.

It must be taken into account that the infection process is always reflected in the death rate with a delay because there are often several weeks between detection of the infection and death. The currently rising number of cases will therefore only be reflected in the death statistics in a few weeks. In addition, experts now also see a vaccination effect: Many of the seniors, who are particularly susceptible to severe Covid-19 courses, are now vaccinated and thus largely protected.

The high of 1,244 newly reported deaths was reached on January 14th. Among the new infections registered within 24 hours, the highest value was reached on December 18 with 33,777 – but it contained 3500 late reports.

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