Eating for a long life: Put an end to nutritional myths - this is how healthy eating works

Low carb, low fat or high protein – nutrition guides constantly advertise new trends that are supposed to make us healthier. Some food groups are allowed, others are forbidden – strict but simple. The problem: The advisors are often in opposition to one another. Some write that vegans live the healthiest, others consider meat to be indispensable. Opinions are divided even when it comes to foods like fat and milk. The confusion is great and the central question remains: What is really good for us?

Bas Kast pursues a different approach in his bestseller “Der Ernahrungkompass”. The science journalist does not want to impose a particular diet on us. His plan: to create clarity in the confusion of diets. To do this, he sifted through thousands of studies. “It’s about examining the scientific background and looking at individual foods – are they more healthy or harmful to the body,” he says in the podcast “Smarter Living”.

A food myth that persists: fat inevitably makes you fat. “It’s not just about the calories. Fat is more filling than other foods, and at some point you stop eating. It is also interesting that certain fats inhibit inflammation «. The journalist particularly recommends vegetable fats such as olive oil or fatty nuts.

In the ideas podcast “Living Smarter” Kast clears up other nutritional myths. He explains how our digestion works and introduces healthy recipes that are easy to cook at home. His probably most important finding: “In pretty much all foods, the dose makes the poison.”

You can hear this episode of “Smarter Living” here:

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