Bird of the year 2021 is the robin

The first publicly chosen bird of the year is the robin. It prevailed with 59,338 votes against the barn swallow (52,410 votes) and the lapwing (43,227 votes), as the nature conservation association Nabu and the state association for bird protection (LBV) announced on Friday. According to this, 3.4 to 4.3 million robin breeding pairs live in Germany, the population is currently not endangered.

The robin bears the title for the second time: the famous garden bird was bird of the year as early as 1992. “The robin is one of the best-known and most popular birds in Germany,” said Nabu Federal Managing Director Leif Miller. With his orange-red chest and his trusting manner, he is particularly easy to recognize and at home almost everywhere in forests, parks and settlements.

Over 326,000 people had taken part in the election since January 18. In the area code, almost 130,000 people had chosen the ten birds for the main election. Miller announced that an expert committee from Nabu would in future choose five candidates each year, from which the bird of the year would then be publicly selected. The first election according to this new mode will take place from October to mid-November this year.

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