Flu and respiratory infections in Corona times: Small wave

Many speak of the flu if they only have a flu-like infection. But there is one between the two big difference: While a flu-like infection is usually harmless and caused by many different viruses, the only thing behind a real flu is influenza viruses. The symptoms of a flu are much stronger than those of a flu-like infection. Can be used in older, very young and immunocompromised people an infection is life-threatening become. “Even if the two are often confused with each other, the flu is a completely different number than a flu-like infection,” says the virologist Stephan Ludwig from the Westphalian Wilhelms University in M√ľnster. “If you have a real flu, then you know it. Then you have it you don’t have a bit of a cold and head pressure, then you have high fever and pain. “The annual flu vaccination protects against the influenza viruses. However, it cannot ward off harmless colds either.

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