Easter rest due to Corona: what good is the compromise?

Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor

»We just have the situation that we are in a very, very serious situation here now. “

On Tuesday night, Angela Merkel appears in front of the press after a long federal-state round. The virus mutation B.1.1.7 makes new corona restrictions inevitable.

Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor
“Essentially, we have a new virus, of the same type, of course, but with completely different properties: Significantly more deadly, significantly more infectious, longer infectious.”

But do the measures that have been decided reflect the seriousness of the situation Merkel is talking about?

About the »Easter rest«. From Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday, the following should apply: »We stay at home.« No outdoor catering, no gatherings in public spaces, private meetings restricted as before, grocery stores are only open on Holy Saturday, there should be no face-to-face services if possible.

Julia Merlot, DER SPIEGEL
“So the Easter rest now means, first and foremost, that the number of infections does not rise even more than it already does. We will have no effect like at Christmas, when a lot more people met than before, so that the numbers will increase even more. But the restrictions are nowhere near enough to lower the numbers again and bring relief. “

Exhausted after long negotiations. The Bund-Länder-Round had been interrupted for hours, the meeting threatened to fail. In the end there was a compromise. It would have been more possible and probably also useful.

Julia Merlot, DER SPIEGEL
»What is criticized is that, for example, there are no stricter rules for working from home or no clear announcements to companies because you keep hearing that people are still going to work, although they might actually be able to work from home, or that they still do no tests are provided, no masks are available. All of these things could have been demanded or made more binding. Ultimately, the federal states then have to implement the regulations, but one could have set an example: Here, we now require you to send your people home if you can, and we demand that you test those who are there and that you test them often and that you organize that. And that has not yet taken place in this form. “

Instead, the federal-state group only decided to expand the corona tests in daycare centers and schools “as soon as possible”. The Länder decide on their own what that means.

Julia Merlot, DER SPIEGEL
»The question about the tests in schools and daycare centers is a bit of a never ending story. And here, too, Germany has so far found it very difficult to implement this well and implement it in such a way that it works. So the theory is somehow clear: you just test. But then there are detailed questions: Should the students test themselves at home before they come to school? How can it then be guaranteed that they also communicate positive results? What is it like when students should be tested in schools? How are the teachers supposed to do this? And and and …

For vacationers, a general obligation to test before the return flight will be introduced. There are no travel bans – theoretically an option – just a recommendation.

Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor
“We advise against all trips abroad.”

Merkel positively emphasized that there are now quick and self-tests.

Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor
“When did you see such nationwide test centers during the previous lockdowns? And, of course, the vaccination, which is increasing every day. “

But here, too, there is room for improvement. Not all of the vaccine supplied is currently being administered.

Julia Merlot, DER SPIEGEL
“Well, there was a lot of discussion at the beginning, because Germany just put away doses for the second vaccination, so that incredibly large amounts were and are still lying on the dump. And there appelExperts also suggest that you could be significantly more progressive and vaccinate much higher amounts as the first dose and then just hope that the second dose will come. And even if there are small delays, it’s not much of a drama for people who want to be vaccinated. “

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